October 24, 2009

RIP my friend

it seems like a distant past now...
My Room mate for years in undergrad...one of my closest pals at that time..he followed me a yr or so later to the US as well...is now dead...

Whenever I think of him, I can only say...I'm proud to have known you...for just stepping aside all that things that could have weighed u down..but rose against all odds...

He was just a yr older than me...but is no more...

And more I think of him....I can only feel that god has been very testy on him...

I feel so guilty that I kept postponing talking to him the last one year...and now I can never do that...

He moved to India a couple of years back, when both of his kidneys failed...and I can only imagine the pain he could have gone through...

My brave friend...he fought on with that for like 3 years...doing the dialysis himself...

I wish you are in heaven united with your parents that left u since you were 5 yrs old...and I hope you find peace there...

As for me...I hope to do something that is worthy of the struggle you went thro with a smiling face..

Emmanuel...God bless......

November 09, 2007

Go Kumble Go

And so finally the Indian Team gets a new captain....

Have to see if Kumble will promote himself up the order so that he can lead by example considering that he scored a hundred batting, in his last test..:-)

But I guess Kumble has finally got luck come by his side.
Not least because my luck has started to side with him..

I know u guys are confoosed, but let me explain..

When I was in my undergrad, ppl used to say, Kumble resembled me..

The point to note is, I did not look like Kumble, but rather he looked like me..

understandable, only because those guys...my undergrad friends, that is, knew me more than kumble..:-D

Anyway, where am I getting here...Congrats Kumble...Keep that battered chin up..
I'm sure this is the fastest way to retire..

Yeah come to think of it...Dravid resigned, tendulkar refused...
Ganguly ran away to kolkata and never picked his fone up when the selectors called..

No wonder they figured out this was a real plan by the selectors to hasten the end of everyone..

I guess, Kumble will be the first to retire:-))

OH yeah,....HAPPY DIWALI all...

November 06, 2007

One for the Ages

Ah..feels good to be back..
Now that Ive titled it that way, I'll have to start thinking on putting something up here..hmm..

what should I have...
The Pats Vs Colts game..
---Naah too much cheating going on out there..

The Ind Vs Pak Series or dropping Dravid or Tendulkar still in the playing XI
Naah again, becoming too boring now- I even managed to fall asleep after 20 overs into Game 1, the other day
Now ppl, ban ODI's and bring in 20-20

What else can I talk about..
Ah my upcoming anniversary..

Now that is something...I'll have to say something good, just in case my wifey pops in to take a look..

What do ppl do for their anniversary..

(1) Marry again :-)
(2) Go on Another Honey moon
(3) Buy expensive gifts
(4) Oh my god...Its just 1 yr yet..
(5) Start taking the other for granted

what do you think...

I think I'll just change jobs and work in the same company as she does..what dya ll think :-)

Assuming u ppl do stumble upon my blog, once in a while :-D

One thing I shd probably do though...is to go to each blog and leave some comment..

that way ppl will know mez back...Now now...dont think loud, I can hear u all chuckling and saying nice try..

May 23, 2007

Way to go...Tamil Rap

Check this out guys...

Pretty cool...


April 18, 2007

I give up

Given my penchant for always getting stuck with the Odd thing out anywhere I go, whatever I do, this should have been pretty much up my alley..

Nopeee..I still get surprises...

Have u had some random guy call ur cell and ask for someone else...you may have..

Have u heard some hispanic call u up and ask for Jose...chances are you would have had that as well..

Have you had the odd credit collection agency and ask u about some bills u dint pay some 10 years ago...Im sure that has happened too...

Have u been in a sitn where you get calls from some sick promotional agency offering u 4 nights all expense paid trip to disneyland...I bet you wouldnt have heard the full story...but u still would have heard enough to say ' No thanks'.

You would also had some random no calling u, and if you pick up the phone but say nothing, there is no response, but the moment u spell the first alphabet of Hello, some taped message in spanish goes off.

Well brace yourself...How about this one..

Get a call from this no 866-849-3243.
I normally avoid picking such calls, but hey it was past 9, free minutes, and I just fought with my wife...what else do I do..I pick up the fone fully expecting it to be one of the above.

Who could blame me...After all I always get the odd things happening to me.. first

Naa ...I say 'Hello' and the caller goes, Hi. Sorry this message was intended for your answering machine only..

Jeez....it rambled on...I couldnt stand it any more...Just cut the call :-)

March 15, 2007

Cricket World Cup 2007 - aha here I go..

Tis' Cricket time...

Well well..are we into the World cup yet. So what will happen with Team India.

2 good warm up wins., and everyone is in a better frame of mind.

So where does our strength lie...

bowling...mmmm. I guess so..

But why.

Take Aus
Mcgrath...and some no namers

Cant even name one...

Taylor may be??

That slinger Malinga..and that one man Murali...who they will probably pat away for runs., and to a little extent Maharoof and Vaas
They could actually be a good team with the ball...

Injured now, Injured then injured always Bond, vettori, Patel and then Other no namers

Flintoff., Panesar and then sajid/ plunkett....
50-50 I guess

Ntini, Pollock, and then the rest..
A little better, above England., for sure

Mashrafe and then all no hopers

Finally India
Zaheer, Munaf, Agarkar, kumble, harbajan and then Pathan if he gets on the right side of the bed everyday

Boy..this would be the bowling team of the worldcup...

Well guys..if there is one thing experience teaches u...

Its to not lose ur head under pressure sitns..
a case of been there, done that..

But then only if they think positively all the time..

Anycase, I think the trump card is bowling., where we have a better attack than any one else. Will we make it count?

On a scale of 1-10 I would rate the

India bowling attack a 8
SL a 7
SA, NZ and Eng 6
WI and Aus a 5
Pak a 4
Bdesh a 3

On the batting front

Aus - 10
Pak and SA - 8
Ind and NZ -7
SL, WI, Bdesh and ENG - 6

Not much difference on the batting front..

That leaves fielding
SL SA NZ on 9
WI Aus Bdesh 8
Ind Eng 7
Pak 6

Adding together

SA 6 + 8 + 9 = 23 (Defn SF)
Aus 5 + 10 + 8 = 23
NZ 6 + 7 + 9 = 22
SL 7 + 6 + 9 = 22
India 8 + 7 + 7 = 22

WI 5 + 6 + 8 = 19
Eng 6 + 6 + 7 = 19
Pak 4 + 8 + 6 = 18
Bdesh 3 + 6 + 8 = 17

February 12, 2007

My colleagues' son

Check this link.

This 3 yr old kid just stumped ppl at the Chicago Auto show - He just seemed to know the name of every car on Display..

Amazing Aint it